No Jive, Bacardi Swoops Groove Armada Into Deal

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Anyone can now strike an artist deal, including a major consumer brand.

In that spirit, Bacardi is now enveloping Groove Armada into a post-label partnership, according to details bubbling Thursday.  The deal focuses on Groove releases, Bacardi-branded live performances, various advertising tie-ins, and potentially other options.  That edges into 360-degree territory, though aspects like publishing were not discussed.  Groove, which has sold more than three million albums, is now exiting its Jive (Sony BMG) major label contract.

Specific details are still emerging, though the development highlights the ever-growing list of business partners that bands can engage.  In comments to online music magazine, Bacardi global brand director Jeff Macdonald pointed to “an evolution of the standard artist endorsement model,” and a serious level of commitment from both ends.

Earlier this month, Bacardi announced that Groove Armada would be headlining B-Live Miami, part of a broader, international dance music performance series.  “Working alongside Bacardi, we have got the chance to take the GA traveling circus to new people and places, and find innovative ways of getting our music out there,” explained Andy Cato of the group.

Just recently, Groove Armada successfully slotted its track, “I See You Baby,” into a Renault advertising campaign.