Chumby Sounds Attractive; $12.5 Million Round Emerges

Personalized portable startup Chumby Industries has now rallied a $12.5 million second round, according to information confirmed by the company this week.

The infusion was led by Chicago-based JK&B Capital, with participation from Avalon Ventures, Masthead Venture Partners and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV).

Chumby is pursuing a portability model that pumps customized media streams into internet-connected portable players, a future-focused concept that relies on ubiquitous connectivity.  In February, the company launched its Chumby Network, which includes both user-generated and commercial content across entertainment, news, and weather.  That fits hand-in-glove with a Chumby player, also introduced in February, though the broader vision is multi-device.

Early-stage content providers include CBS, MTV Networks, MySpace, and AOL’s SHOUTcast.