European Lawmakers Question French ISP Monitoring, Enforcement

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An ISP monitoring plan hatched in France is finding a cool audience among European lawmakers.

In a plenary vote late last week, members of the European Parliament moved against the agreement, which involves French lawmakers, access providers, and major content owners.  In a 314-297 vote, the members approved an amendment to the Bono Report on Cultural Industries that would limit the ability of governments to pry into ISP accounts.

At root is a three-strikes policy that terminates offending accounts, as well as monitoring oversight techniques that would identify offending users.  Another issue surrounds the intent of users, specifically whether the infringing act is tied to a profit-making motive. But the amendment is not binding; it is merely a recommendation that cuts against the French plan.  Incidentally, the Bono report is tied to Parlimentary member Guy Bono, a Frenchman.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.