Pirate Bay Pulls an IFPI… Legal Battlefield Intensifies

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The Pirate Bay is once again playing legal hardball with global recording industry trade group IFPI.

In response to a crackdown against the massive BitTorrent air traffic controller, the Bay is suddenly throwing lawsuits of its own at the label organization.

Earlier this month, the IFPI directly sued the Pirate Bay, though the legal counterattack actually surrounds Danish ISP Tele2.  In that case, the IFPI forced Tele2 to block access to the Pirate Bay, an order the access provider is now challenging.  In the interim, the Bay alleges that the IFPI has caused damage by obstructing traffic.

In fact, the opposite is true.  In a result all-too-familiar to the recording industry, the publicity dust-up actually increased traffic to the Bay.  But according to top Pirate Bay operator Peter Sunde, aka Brokep, the counterattack is part of a broader standoff between the parties.  “And as you know, TPB and friends do not let the IFPI decide the game,” Sunde relayed. “We will demand an amount of cash that we feel will be reasonable.”