Digital Hits 23 Percent of US-Based Revenues, RIAA

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Digital formats now account for 23 percent of US-based recording revenues, according to figures published by the RIAA.

The percentage was packaged into a larger breakdown of shipments and revenues in 2007, an report now available at

The digital percentage represents a serious bump from year-ago figures of 16.1 percent – and 9 percent in 2005.  Part of that gain comes from increased sales of assets like iTunes downloads, though a meltdown in CD sales is naturally ramping digital percentage gains.  For the period, CD shipments dropped 17.5 percent to 511.1 million units, or $7.45 billion in revenues.  In terms of revenues, the CD-based drop represents a 20.5 percent slide.

On the digital and mobile side, the breakdown also revealed some softening trends.  Mobile formats – including master ringtones, full-track mobile downloads, and ringback tones – moved to 361 million units, a 14.6 percent gain.  That is far more subdued than year-ago gains of 85.3 percent.  Paid downloads moved to 809.9 million, a 38.1 percent gain, softer than a year-ago jump of 59.8 percent.