Project Playlist Hauled Into Court; Majors Allege Massive Infringement

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Major labels are now suing Project Playlist, a company that involves former MySpace executive Shawn Gold.

The suit, filed in Manhattan District Court, alleges “massive infringement” and involves majors Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, and EMI.  Project Playlist (at allows users to assemble and distribute personalized playlists using content hosted across the internet.

Project Playlist does not host the content within the playlists – instead, it cobbles together content from the vast storehouse of user-stored material.  That loosely resembles a model offered by Seeqpod, which allows users to search, stream and virtually assemble playlists using online-available content.  Seeqpod is currently being sued by Warner Music Group.  Project Playlist executives declined to comment on the suit.