Universities Report Climb In RIAA Letters

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The RIAA is tossing more anti-piracy notices at colleges nationwide, at least according to several reports from university administrators.

The Chronicle of Higher Education found increased volumes at schools across the United States, a sudden jump.  “We have not seen a nationwide spike like this,” said Kevin L. McLaughlin, director of information security at the University of Cincinnati.

That was echoed by a similar report in Ars Technica.  “Normally, we only get about a dozen per year; now we are getting about four to six notices a week,” St. Cloud State IT security coordinator Darrin Printy told Ars on Thursday.

All of that means more paperwork and resource demands for schools.  “Because most colleges investigate every incident and take action against the online pirates, the surge is putting a sudden strain on their resources as the semester winds down,” the Chronicle explained.  Ars Technica counted a total of 5,404 settlement letter recipients, of which 2,300 opted to quickly settle in a pre-court process.