Rock Band 2 Setlist Emerges; Exclusive Guns N’ Roses Track

Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses is now delivering an exclusive track to the upcoming Rock Band 2, slated for release in the fall.

The song, “Shackler’s Revenge,” is coming from the long-awaited Chinese Democracy, an album-in-the-making for more than a decade.

Game creators Harmonix and MTV Games shared the upcoming playlist on Monday at the game-focused E3 Media & Business Summit, hosted in Los Angeles.  Also in the action is Electronic Arts, which is handling critical marketing and distribution roles.

The set list contains one-hundred tracks, and songs purchased on the initial version of Rock Band are backwards-compatible.  Other gems include classics from AC/DC, a group notorious for withholding content from major outlets like the iTunes Store.  Also in the mix is “Tangled Up In Blue,” from the legendary Bob Dylan.