Yahoo Music Makes Good; Offers DRM-Free Replacements, Refunds

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Yahoo Music is now offering to replace older, DRM-protected downloads that expire this fall.

The downloads, sold through the sunsetting Yahoo Music Unlimited, will not be supported after the company completely transitions into a similar storefront powered by Rhapsody.  The protected downloads will continue to work on current, authorized systems, though license keys will not be transferred to newer PCs and players.

In reality, the issue affects a small number of users, and the broader Unlimited service attracted a meager following.  But the issue has become the latest aftertaste on a highly-unsuccessful, DRM-protected chapter in digital music.

As a quick fix, affected buyers can easily burn their downloads to CD, and rip them backs as MP3s.  Yahoo suggests that option, though on Wednesday, the company agreed to issue free, replacement MP3s from its new, outsourced Rhapsody.  “For any consumers that have problems with their DRM licenses after the store closes, our customer care group will provide coupons to the Rhapsody MP3 store so they can purchase an equivalent collection of MP3s,” the company explained.  Additionally, complete refunds are also being offered.