Another University Brushes Back Against the RIAA

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Tufts University is now pushing back against the RIAA, the latest in a string of university challenges.

In response to a subpoena demanding identities tied to various IP addresses, the Boston-based school noted that it would be impossible to properly identify the infringing students using the current network infrastructure.

The university indicated that its systems for matching an IP address to a specific user could be updated, though within the current structure, exact identifications remain difficult.  “We recognize the inherent limitations of the network data retention system that we are currently using, and are actively looking at possible adjustments,” university vice president Mary Jeka told a federal judge in a recent letter.

An earlier court decision actually addresses this very issue, and calls for network administrators to submit all possible suspects identified.  But given the potentially large number of individuals identified by Tufts – up to seventeen in one case – the school has expressed some reservations about releasing the names to the court.  “We believe … that it would be unfair to identify all possible individuals meeting the plaintiffs’ criteria, given the low likelihood of identifying the guilty party,” Jeka continued.