And Vinyl Sales Keep Increasing

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The CD is leading the plunge in recording sales, though the decades-old vinyl keeps showing strength.

The latest positive report comes from Newbury Comics, part of a broader profile in the Boston Globe.  “There’s a huge resurgence in vinyl,” chain chief executive Mike Dreese reiterated.  “We sold 600 to 800 in the last two months.”

In total, the company projected vinyl-specific sales of $1.5 million this year, up 70 percent from 2007.  That is part of a steadily ramping format.  In June, Newbury pointed to monthly vinyl revenues of approximately $100,000, or $1.2 million annualized.

The trend is being sparked by a number of factors, including nostalgia, more involved product packaging, greater collectability, and the availability of lower-priced turntables.  Dreese noted that CDs now account for 43 percent of the broader product mix, down from 75 percent ten years ago.