Another MySpace Music Confirmation Surfaces

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MySpace Music is definitely arriving this month, according to continued executive comments.

In a mobile-related discussion at the pre-CTIA Mobile Entertainment Live, MySpace Mobile general manager and vice president John Faith pointed to a launch in the “next few weeks,” a confirmation of earlier timetables.  That launch will include an ad-supported streaming component in which “everyone becomes their own deejay,” Faith disclosed.  The launch does not appear to have mobile components, at least initially.

Also in San Francisco, MySpace cofounder and chief executive Chris DeWolfe declared that MySpace Music would be launching “this month no matter what” during an interview at TechCrunch50.  The destination remains CEO-less, though DeWolfe and COO Amit Kapur are expected to carry the reins at the onset.

Report by publisher Paul Resnikoff in San Francisco.