Pandora Turning iPhones Into Benjamins

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Pandora was a quick hit on the iPhone, though a crafty application gained more publicity than anything else.

Now, the Oakland-based Pandora is trying to put some cha-ching into the ring-ring.  “Calling all advertisers who want to take their branding messages to the mobile platform,” the company announced Monday.  “Pandora Media, the premier provider of personalized radio service online, is open for business.”

Any takers?  This is no small potatoes application, and big-names like Best Buy and Beck’s Beer have already secured exclusive spots.  Specifically, Best Buy has secured an initial 30-day exclusive window, now live, and Beck’s has locked an upcoming monthly period.  The Pandora mobile application, which works on both the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod touch, has been downloaded more than 1.1 million times since a release in early July.  “Pandora is out in front of this emerging platform which they demonstrated with their iPhone application launch,” said Beck’s brand manager Julia Mize.