European Parliament Rejects Three Strikes Proposal

European Parliament
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European legislators recently dealt a blow to three-strikes anti-piracy responses, according to numerous reports.

Swedish daily The Local noted that the EU parliament dismissed a proposal that included account disconnections, part of a broader telecommunications package.

That move will not eliminate efforts by content owners to disconnect offending users, though it does represent a meaningful setback.  “What’s important about this decision is that now it’s clear that you can’t force [ISPs] to ban people from the internet without a legal process,” Moderate Party EU parliamentarian Christofer Fjellner told the TT news agency.

It also represents continued resistance by European lawmakers towards a three-strikes proposal in France.  The country recently struck a three-way deal between content owners, ISPs, and the government to terminate the accounts of repeat offenders.  Meanwhile, British ISPs have shown resistance towards any plan that includes disconnecting subscribers.  “Right now, there is no regulatory or legal framework for us to say to a customer, ‘I am turning you off,’ and therefore we are not.  And this is at the core of our discussions with the BPI,” said Neil Berkett, chief executive of Virgin Media during a recent interview in New York.