YouTube Trying eCommerce; iTunes, Amazon On Board

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Labels are having an increasingly difficult time hating YouTube.

The Google-owned video behemoth is now jumping into ecommerce, starting with music.  Initial partners include Apple and Amazon, and the first crop of products include music downloads and games.  “This is a first step towards building a broader ecommerce platform for content partners and users on YouTube,” the company explained in a morning briefing.

In that developmental light, the YouTube eCommerce Platform will soon include a broad range of partners across music, film, TV, and publishing.  The move represents a monetization stab beyond advertising, and the notoriously low CPMs that the site attracts.

The initial platform is being rolled out in the United States, though an international expansion will happen within months, according to the company.  In a typical scenario, videos viewed within the EMI Music channel would be accompanied by purchase links, both from the iTunes Store and AmazonMP3.  “Those partners who use YouTube’s content identification and management system can also enable retail links on claimed videos that they choose to leave up on the site,” the company explained in preliminary details.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.