Free, Authorized Content on… LimeWire?

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LimeWire is mostly known for offering free, unauthorized content, though the company is also attempting to reshape its image a bit.

According to information shared with Digital Music News on Thursday, the company is planning to announce a content partnership with CMJ.

Ahead of the CMJ Music Marathon in New York later this month, LimeWire is now positioning a free sampler featuring a long list of CMJ artists.  That sampler includes event veterans like Thurston Moore and Le Tigre, and first-time participants like Marching Band and The Albertans.  LimeWire is also planning to record bands at the event, and position the recordings within its Live at Lime series.

The action is happening at the LimeWire Store, a new section focused on paid, authorized content.  That represents an attempt to shift the attention away from a vast repository of free content, and possibly sway the courts in the process.  Of course, major labels are unlikely to ever license the store, though LimeWire has focused on independent content.  “CMJ is an important event for the independent artists and labels we work with, so we’re thrilled to be playing an official supporting role this year,” said Tom Monday, director of Partner Relations at the LimeWire Store.