EMI Music Downloads Land In Major US Airports

EMI Music has now negotiated itself into major US airport terminals, thanks to a partnership with InMotion Entertainment.

The deal integrates MP3s into PlayPoint Media Hotspot kiosks, a place for travelers to sample and download content ahead of their flights.  The experience requires a credit card, portable player, and enough time to navigate the touchscreen menus.

InMotion is a major airport-based electronics and entertainment retailer, one planted in hubs like JFK, SFO, and LAX.  In total, InMotion has 45 locations within 20 airports, a spread that also includes Miami, Atlanta Chicago, and Dallas.   Digital albums will retail for $11.99, though prices on one-off downloads were not shared.

The deal spells another digital distribution point for EMI Music, and another opportunity for ecommerce.  During the fiscal year ending March 31st, digital revenues jumped 19 percent at EMI Music Group, though broader losses easily topped $1 billion.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio