YouTube Hits 100 Million Users In October

YouTube Applause
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Wall Street may have tanked in October, but YouTube was busy reaching new heights.

According to a recent study released by comScore, the video giant attracted 100 million users in the United States alone during the period.  The swelling crowd viewed roughly 5.4 billion videos, nearly 40 percent of the broader 13.5 billion measured across the web.  MySpace grabwbed a distant second with 520 million views.

Other ranking destinations are well-established in music.  Yahoo properties, including Yahoo Music, ranked third with 363.4 million; Viacom Digital properties, including MTV, grabbed fourth with 305.3 million.

Across YouTube and a raft of video competitors, music videos remain a massive draw – uploaded legitimately or otherwise.  In fact, the all-time, most-played video on YouTube is Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” (109.8 million views) and the most-viewed channel is produced by Universal Music Group (2.9 billion views on roughly 9,000 videos).  Still, monetization revenues remain modest, at least