The New Where Will This All Go?

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Where is EMI Music going with its newly-launched, destination?

The company entered with a rather straight-ahead destination on Wednesday morning, one that features a range of assets for roster artists – including videos, audio streams, pictures, biographies, and other elements.  The beta-stage site is designed to tighten relationships with fans through observation and experimentation, though some executives were left scratching their heads at the rather amorphous agenda.  “This is the beginning of a long term experiment,” EMI North America senior vice president of Corporate Communications Jeanne Meyer told Digital Music News.

Currently, the site is available across the US and UK only.  The label did not disclose an expansion timetable, though other countries are definitely ahead.  “In the future, we expect to roll out the site in other territories as well,” Meyer continued.

Other questions surround the driving forces behind the destination.  The site was conceptualized by someone outside of the core executive team, specifically Shamsa Rana of Imdad Capital Ltd., though Meyer reiterated a unified front.  The new executive cast includes Elio Leoni-Sceti, Douglas Merrill, Cory Ondrejka, Nick Gatfield, and Ronn Werre.