What Else? iTunes Store Hits 6 Billion

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The iTunes Store has now sold 6 billion songs, according to data shared Tuesday at the Macworld Expo.

The accomplishment comes nearly six years after the “iTunes Music Store” first opened in early May of 2003.

Apple was not specific on the exact date of the milestone, though the threshold comes nearly 7 months after the announcement of 5 billion in mid-June.  It also comes roughly one year after the 4 billion threshold, announced in January of 2008.

The 6 billion mark reaffirms fears of an iTunes Store plateau, one leveling at roughly 2 billion annually.  In January of 2007, Apple crossed the 2 billion mark, and the pace has remained the same ever since.  Now, the question is whether a DRM-free iTunes can breath life into the flattening trend, though a relative insensitivity to DRM-related issues among consumers suggests that little will change.

Either way, the selection continues to balloon.  The iTunes Store currently offers ten million songs, and 75 million accounts on iTunes are linked to credit cards.