Feeding the Superfan: The iTunes Pass Debuts

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Apple, EMI, and Depeche Mode are now pushing a new concept geared towards the superfan.

The iTunes Pass, a premium access plan that features exclusive content from the band, was announced Tuesday morning.  The Pass features the immediate delivery of singles, remixes, videos, albums, and other content from a selected artist over a set period of time, delivered directly to the iTunes library of the subscriber.  The Depeche Mode Pass costs $18.99, though Apple declined to disclose prices on future featured artists.

In the case of Depeche Mode, the pass is being structured around the upcoming album, Sounds of the Universe.  The album is not slated for release until April 21st, though iTunes Pass subscribers are already being given the lead single, “Wrong,” as well as the Black Light Odyssey Dub Remix of the song, “Oh Well.”

The subscription-like concept features delivery of the album on street date, as well as a supply of audio and video content over a 15-week span.  “We think it’s a great new platform that will change the way artists engage with their audiences and also a powerful new way for us to build value for our artists’ music,” said Ronn Werre, president of Music Services for EMI Music.