Another Settlement: Project Playlist, EMI Work It Out

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The lawsuit-riddled Project Playlist has now settled with EMI Music, according to a formal disclosure issued Wednesday morning.

As its name suggests, Project Playlist allows users to create dynamic playlists online, using content that is already hosted across the web.  Now, the service will include a blessing from EMI, based on the agreement.  “Project Playlist users now will have access to EMI’s storied and respected catalog as well as music from many of today’s current hit-makers,” the label offered in a statement.

The development is part of a slow process for Project Playlist, one requiring immense amounts of time and legal expense.  Initially, Playlist investors may have factored the legal sludge into their expectations, though a serious economic downturn and resulting cash-crunch could be complicating that strategy.  On Wednesday, RIAA representative Cara Duckworth confirmed to Digital Music News that lawsuits remain ongoing with both Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

In late December, Playlist settled with Sony Music Entertainment.  “We are excited to now have both EMI and Sony [Music Entertainment] catalogs available and we hope to continue to expand and enhance our service,” Project chief Owen Van Natta offered.