But Wait: Cox Suspending ‘Tiny Fraction’ of Users

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Cox Communications is suspending the accounts of a ‘tiny fraction’ of its infringing users, though the company denied any participation in a ‘three-strikes’ plan during a Thursday discussion.

“Since the time we implemented our DMCA notification process, we’ve sent hundreds of thousands of warnings to customers, but have only had to suspend the accounts of a tiny fraction of them (less than one-tenth of 1 percent),” Cox executive David Grabert told Digital Music News.

As part of its compliance with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) statutes, Cox passes along complaints from copyright owners, a procedure also followed by ISPs like AT&T and Comcast.  And like the others, Cox denied any involvement in a three-strikes plan.  “Cox has not signed an agreement with the RIAA and we do not have a ‘three-strikes’ policy,” Grabert continued.  “There has been confusion on this ever since the RIAA announced they would stop suing customers and instead endeavor to work with the ISPs to curtail copyright infringement.”

Cox also underscored a business-as-usual approach. “It’s important to note that the practice described above has been in place since the passage of the DMCA in 1998,” said Grabert.  “We have not changed our practices per an agreement with the RIAA and we do not have an agreement with the RIAA on this matter.”

The RIAA has declined comment