On the High Side: iTunes Store Likely to Skew Towards $1.29

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A coming shift towards variable pricing on the iTunes Store will actually skew towards higher price points, according to sources close to the plan.

Instead of a more even spread across 69-cent, 99-cent, and $1.29 prices, major labels are expected to disproportionately favor the $1.29 side of the aisle, resulting in greater costs overall.  “Labels are pointing more towards higher prices than lower prices,” one source told Digital Music News.

That means that older catalog songs – albeit more popular ones – are likely to receive the $1.29 sticker.  Front-line, current tracks are also expected to receive the elevated tags, though more obscure songs will probably be lowered to 69-cents.  Additionally, a large percentage of songs will remain at 99-cents, though fans will have to wait until gameday to experience the actual mix.  The transition date was pegged by Apple as “early April,” and the Los Angeles Times recently outlined an April 7th switchover.