This Is Getting Cool: Slacker Integrating Lyrics

If music is moving into the cloud, then companies like Slacker are theoretically well positioned – though the path towards virtual access will be treacherous.

Currently, Slacker users can access customized radio stations and collections though a dedicated player (the G2), as well as the Blackberry and iPhone.  On the G2 and Blackberry, Slacker radio stations and tagged songs are accessible for hours outside of WiFi hotspots, thanks to smart caching.

Now, the on-deck experience also includes lyrics, according to details announced at CTIA in Las Vegas.  Alongside songs, Slacker also offers related elements like artist profiles, album reviews, and cover art, a nice collection of extras.  At present, the lyrics – powered by Toronto-based LyricFind – are wrapped into Slacker Radio Plus, a premium, $47.88-a-year service that also offers unlimited song skipping and ad-free listening.

Other limitations also exist at launch.  The lyrics are now being integrated into the Blackberry app, though the G2 and iPhone integrations are forthcoming.  Slacker indicated that its iPhone upgrade is pending approval, and a G2 upgrade is also in-the-works.