Green Day Album Tracks Start Leaking

Several tracks from the upcoming Green Day album, 21st Century Breakdown, are now leaking online.

The songs slipping are “21st Century Breakdown,” “Before The Lobotomy,” “Eat Jesus Nowhere,” “Restless Heart Syndrome,” “21 Guns,” and “American Eulogy,” according to information provided by data partner BigChampagne.

The spill first appeared on Tuesday, ahead of a May 15th street date.  The leak itself is hardly a surprise, and the rest of the album will eventually become available.  But outside of the obvious, the slip creates problems for pre-release partner Rhapsody.  Just last week, the band tied with Rhapsody joint venture partners MTV Networks and RealNetworks to promote the album across a number of established channels and partners.  That includes MTV, VH1, Yahoo, Verizon Wireless and  TiVo, among others, all of whom will feel a competitive tug from free alternatives.