Exclusive: Spotify Tapping EchoNest on Discovery, Recommendation

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Spotify is now tapping the Echo Nest to power discovery and recommendation features, according to information tipped over the weekend to Digital Music News.

The tie-up will boost playlisting capabilities within Spotify, though a more detailed list of enhancements is forthcoming.  The partnership is being prototyped Monday at the SanFran MusicTech Conference, held in the Japantown enclave of San Francisco.

The Echo Nest, a Cambridge, MA-based company, was started by a pair of MIT professors.  The music intelligence platform actually scans the internet to create superior recommendation and affinity matching.  That dovetails into the development plan for Spotify, one that includes better recommendation aspects.  “We’re delighted to be teaming up with the Echo Nest as we continue to evolve and improve Spotify’s music recommendation offering for our users,” stated Andreas Ehn, CTO of Spotify.

The Echo Nest tie-up is just one of several developments happening at Spotify.  In Britain, Spotify founder and chief Daniel Ek pointed to deeper data mining on users, and collaborative efforts with labels to micro-target fans.  “We want to hand out consumer data we have to give to labels so they can target consumers better and communicate better,” Ek told attendees at the Great Escape festival in Brighton, according to notes shared by the Telegraph.  Spotify is also expanding into mobile access, and is planning a US-based launch potentially by the end of the year.