Cloud Construction: Spotify Teases Android App

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The elusive music cloud edged closer to reality this week, thanks to an ambitious demo by Spotify.

An Android mobile app was splashed at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, a work-in-progress that quickly excited music fans and bloggers alike.  As one would expect, the app demo featured on-demand access to a catalog of millions, using available WiFi.  But users will also be able to access tracks while disconnected, a feature that eliminates a huge connectivity hurdle.

The imagination can quickly connect the dots, and an iPhone app is undoubtedly on the table.  But plenty of questions remain unanswered, including the release schedule across Europe and the United States.  At present Spotify is limited to Europeans, leaving Americans in an unfamiliar waiting game.

Another open question surrounds access – specifically whether Spotify will offer the app for free or require payment.  The latter would generate a better monetization story, though a paid structure would naturally limit consumer uptake.