Pandora iPhone App Gets Concert Listings

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The highly-successful Pandora iPhone app now has a concert companion, thanks to a deal with SonicLiving.

The tie-up, tipped to Digital Music News late last week, finds SonicLiving powering concert listings alongside station streams.  “Pandora is dedicated to providing the best music experience possible, whether recorded or live, which is why we’ve chosen SonicLiving to power our sponsored concert listings,” said Tom Conrad, chief technical officer for Pandora.  “SonicLiving has made it much easier for our listeners to find out where and when their favorite bands are playing.”

The ‘sponsored’ part comes from Amstel Light, which offers a lead-in to localized concert listings through an advertising overlay.  But the magic mostly ends there.  In testing over the weekend, SonicLiving produced a nice list of concerts in the relevant region, though results were not contextually tied to specific songs or artists.  Instead, the Amstel overlay appeared on a non-touring band (Van Halen in Los Angeles, in this case), and failed to appear on a group coming to town (Kings of Leon).