Live Nation: Have We Got an All-Inclusive Deal for You

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Is there any excuse not to see your favorite artist this summer?

As music fans play broke, Live Nation is lowering the excuse bar even further – and hoping to keep its venues filled in the process.

On Wednesday, the cheap seats will get even cheaper at, part of an ongoing bargain blitz that started with fee-free discounts.  According to details shared by the company on Monday, all amphitheater lawn seats in the US will be sold at the all-inclusive price of $24.99.  The deal lasts for 24 hours, the latest “No Service Fee Wednesday” installation.

Everything will be baked into that price, including some lingering surcharges.  “I read the blogs and emails listening to what concert fans are saying,” said Live Nation chief Michael Rapino.  “They’ve been really clear, they want a break on ticket prices in these tough economic times.”

That is a major change-of-tone from just a few months ago, when Rapino pointed to a resilient concertgoer during a quarterly investor call.  “During the [first] quarter, several trends emerged that serve as an indicator for the year ahead,” Rapino remarked in early May. “Deferred revenue grew significantly, highlighting the strength of summer ticket sales.”