DRM Never Die? Protections Will Remain on Comes With Music

Is Nokia planning to ditch DRM on its Comes With Music concept, especially in light an unlimited, MP3-based announcement involving Virgin Media and Universal Music Group?

That has been the source of recent rumor, though the mobile giant is not planning any changes.  “There currently aren’t any plans to get rid of DRM when it comes to Comes With Music,” Nokia executive Henna Pelkola confirmed to Digital Music News on Thursday.

Never say never, though the straight-ahead statement indicates that protections will remain for some time.  Of course, the licensing (and re-licensing) process is incredibly complex, though none of this is helping Comes With Music.  Nokia is continuing to weather reports of anemic uptake, particularly in the UK, despite strong initial expectations.  The disappointing response is partly spurred by usage restrictions, though the prevalence of free – and side-loadable – content also makes it difficult to structure paid alternatives.