The Sale: So, What Does $125,000 Buy, Anyway?

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The asking price is $125,000, but the buyer gets more than just an url and some residual traffic.  According to information shared Friday by broker Sedo with Digital Music News, the transfer also includes about one million former user emails, an archive of 400,000 now-defunct playlists, and all related user account information.

So much for user confidentiality, though in fairness, Seeqpod may have authorization to sell its lists.  At this point, the shuttered Seeqpod offers few clues.  Either way, about one million people could soon be vulnerable to yet-another spammer, depending on the scruples of the buyer.  Sedo estimated that the email list alone could fetch CPMs between $20 and $50, based on the music-focused target.

The sale is being managed by Sedo senior broker Tessa Holcomb (tessa -at-, US (617) 499-7246).