The MJ Cooldown: BitTorrent, Twitter, YouTube Calming

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Burnt out on MJ already?

In terms of cultural earthquakes, this is one of the biggest in recent history, perhaps outdoing the deaths of Elvis and Lennon.  But despite the craziness, the frenzy seems to be cooling down a bit, as the devoted get back to their everyday lives.

On Tuesday, data partner BigChampagne shared the latest intelligence, plumbing the depths of BitTorrent, Twitter, YouTube, and other playgrounds.  The takeaway?  Michael is still very much alive across these platforms, though the pace is starting to slow.

On BitTorrent, Jackson torrents have been clogging charts on trackers like Mininova and the Pirate Bay, just to name a few.  Custom-crafted torrents spanning all types of assets – music, videos, remixes, images, and more – have been inundating these indexes.

But despite bunches of new torrents daily, a saturation point is appearing.  “In the BitTorrent world, it looks like folks continue to add new torrents at a steady pace, but overall we’re starting to see a plateau emerging on the horizon,” analyst John Robinson relayed.

Jackson is also trending back downward on Twitter.  According to Twitter tracker Twist, Jackson topics are currently stirring a small fraction of the initial Thursday surge.

Meanwhile, the YouTube picture is also calming down.  Since the death, views of videos like “Rock With You,” “Thriller,” and “Billie Jean” have surged, sending cumulative figures into the cumulus range.  But the biggest gains happened ahead of the weekend, and day-to-day increases are now subsiding.

What else?  On the sales side, digital rankings are already clogged with Jackson purchases.  The iTunes a-la-carte and album rankings were quickly dominated by the King of Pop, and first-week physical sales will also show surges.  During its recent fiscal year review, HMV Group pointed to a big Jackson splurge.  But HMV chief executive Simon Fox predicted a short-term rush, instead of a sustained increase.  “I doubt it will have a material affect on the business,” Fox stated.

Report by publisher Paul Resnikoff and analyst John Robinson.