Chart Evolution: BigChampagne Expands the Game

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The music industry has been undergoing massive disruption for more than a decade, and measuring chaos is never a simple task.

In 2009, a top-charting single or album still means something, but what about everything else going on?  BigChampagne has been attempting to address that riddle, and starting today, the company is giving its clients a far broader canvass of chart activity – online or off.

That means a greatly expanded menu of platforms, spanning YouTube, iTunes,, terrestrial radio (Mediabase), file-swapping networks, online radio, subscription services, and other outlets.  The “BC Dash” is now out of beta, and clients can tap the real-time, breathing database to check song activity up to the hour.  “We’re rebooting the charts,” BigChampagne CEO Eric Garland told Digital Music News.  “The new BC Dash is a platform for managing information in the real-time age and turning data into actionable insight.”

The data has steadily been incorporated into daily Digital Music News coverage, part of a broader partnership between the two companies.  Others can now dive into the same dataset.  BigChampagne data subscribers include major media companies, retailers, advertising agencies, analysts, broadcasters, managers, artists, and others.

But wait, there’s more.  BigChampagne has also created a news and data portal for the industry, including some interesting Twitter concepts.  A freshly-launched features aggregated news feeds covering industry developments, as well as a curated ‘TwitterStream’.  “The world’s aglow with Twitter, but very few know how to use it well,” Garland relayed.  “How do you separate the ‘waiting at Starbucks’ tweets from the essential-to-your-business tweets?  We curate and edit out the noise, leaving the real, pertinent conversation.”