Dennis Mudd Officially Leaves the Slacker Building

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Slacker chief executive Dennis Mudd has now left the building, a move that may reflect some internal discord.

The company had been quiet Friday morning, but eventually confirmed the development.  “Dennis has been looking to step down as CEO to have more personal time and in preparation has been gradually transferring responsibilities to Slacker COO/president Jim Cady,” a company executive told Digital Music News.  Mudd will remain on the board, and continue to be “actively involved” in the company.

Slacker also indicated that the rest of the executive flock is stable, though time will test that claim.  The remaining group remains well-decorated, and that means outside options could surface.  Cady is the former CEO at D&M Holdings, and Jonathan Sasse is the former head of iRiver America.  The company is also extremely well funded, to the tune of roughly $70 million (Austin Ventures, Centennial Ventures, Mission Ventures, Rho Ventures and Sevin Rosen Funds).

But this market has shifted quite rapidly since Slacker stepped on board in 2006.  Perhaps the biggest developments have happened recently.  Slacker bet heavily on a dedicated device for its portable music concept, though the iPhone – and apps like Pandora, iheartradio, and Imeem – have swayed the focus towards integrated mobile experiences.  Indeed, Slacker recently developed an iPhone app, one that closely followed a similar release for the Blackberry.