Define ‘Sellout’… Dylan Offers Citibank Pre-Release

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This is hardly the stuff of anti-establishment 60s nostalgia, but Bob Dylan will soon offer a pre-release of his upcoming Christmas album to Citibank customers.

The album, Christmas In The Heart, will be offered one week ahead of an October 13th release date as part of the Citi ‘ThankYou Network’ loyalty program.  The 15-track downloadable album goes for 1,000 ThankYou points, and all proceeds will be donated to Feeding America.

Perhaps the charitable angle softens the blow, though Dylan fans are probably reflecting upon how much times have truly changed.  A Christmas album is bad enough, but a collaboration with a bailed-out mega-bank is ten times worse.  Perhaps some digital justice will come in the form of a leak, a probable event ahead of the 13th.

Actually, Dylan is just one component of a larger deal between Citi and Sony Music Entertainment.  That includes both front-line and catalog releases.  “This relationship gives our members virtually instant access to one of the most important music collections in history, in addition to promotional offers involving some of the most exciting artists in recording industry,” said Nancy Gordon, executive vice president of Citi’s ThankYou Network.