MOG All Access: Coming In Time for Thanksgiving

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Just weeks after receiving a $5 million injection, MOG is now pushing forward with a music access plan to complement its blogging footprint.

According to the company, ‘MOG All Access’ will offer an on-demand catalog of five million songs, culled from all four majors and independents represented by the Orchard, IODA, and more.

The idea is to combine a totally engaged and blogging audience with instant access to the music under discussion.  Or, to simply stimulate discovery and enjoyment by enabling access to a multi-million-strong catalog.  “Our goal with MOG All Access was to build the best service for listening to and discovering music, period,” said MOG founder and chief executive David Hyman. “To accomplish this, we’re providing access to millions of songs (just about everything), with a drop dead easy way to hear any song or album you like in an instant, from the convenience of your web browser.”

The catch?  All Access requires a $5 monthly fee, a tough sell alongside freebie, ad-supported sites like MySpace Music, Imeem, and Grooveshark.  Perhaps MOG is the better community for die-hards, though luring monthly commitments remains challenging.