Exclusive: The Echo Nest Joining MOG’s New Rollout

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More details are emerging on MOG’s new All Access offering, slated for release by Thanksgiving.

According to information shared with Digital Music News on Monday, the Boston-based Echo Nest will play an important recommendation role within the commerce-related enhancement.  “MOG All Access will use Echo Nest in combination with other tools to create a revolutionary listening experience that will forever change how you discover music,” promised David Hyman, head of MOG.

MOG is planning to offer millions of on-demand streams for $5-a-month, a strategy that faces stiff competition from freebie services like Imeem and MySpace Music.  But Hyman, flush with a $5 million investment round, is brewing a secret sauce that could spell significant differentiation.  On that point, Echo Nest chief Jim Lucchese noted that MOG would be integrating the Echo Nest’s intelligence platform in some ‘very creative ways,’ without elaborating on specifics.

A more formal announcement is slated for later today.