Spotify CEO On American Launch: Expect Delays Ahead

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Spotify is running into some delays on its US-based launch, according to comments coming out of the Monaco Media Forum in Monte Carlo (tagged #mmf on Twitter).

“Spotify CEO: U.S. mkt delay: Publishers are a large grp to sign up. The penny per play model can’t work,” paidContent’s Rafat Ali tweeted from the event.

But the march to America is still on.  The ‘Spotify CEO’ is Daniel Ek, who also pointed to early stateside staffing efforts and a planned launch in early 2010.  Separately, major label sources to Digital Music News continue to express reservations about the streaming free-for-all that makes Spotify so popular in Europe.  That could alter the way Spotify ultimately looks once its arrives in the US, depending on the negotiations.

What else?  Also on the on-demand front, TechCrunch predicts that MySpace Music will ‘almost certainly’ be forced to shift its model towards premium access, on some level, according to its sources.  Part of the pressure is coming from a huge traffic drop, a dip that is shaving at least $100 million off of a now-expiring Google advertising deal.