Digonex Dives Into the Ticketing Mess

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One solution to the concert ticketing mess?

Instead of sticky, pre-determined prices and aftermarket scalping, why not shift to something resembling airline reservations?  Perhaps concertgoers would balk at variably-priced floor seats and dynamic entrance fees, though Indianapolis-based Digonex Technologies is now applying its algorithms to the ticketing business.

According to the company, the formula would shift pricing based on a considerable number of variables.  That includes the position of the seat, level of demand for the concert, number of similar or competing shows, and previous pricing history.

The result is ‘SEATS,’ or the Sports & Entertainment Analytical Ticketing System, a number-crunching approach to the perfectly-priced ticket.  “Today’s ticketing industry is facing many challenges including a tough economy, declining event attendance and competing forces for the entertainment dollar,” explained Jan Eglen, PhD, CEO for Digonex.  “Now more than ever, the industry needs a solution that provides a fair-to-all solution for artists, promoters, primary ticket sellers, secondary ticket sellers and consumers.”