MOG All Access: Coming December 2nd

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MOG will soon be unwrapping its All Access offering, well ahead of Christmas.

The unveiling happens Wednesday, December 2nd, according to information shared with Digital Music News on Monday morning.  In a pre-release discussion, the company promised a “revolutionary digital music subscription service,” one that will “exceed all current music listening services” and carry a $5 monthly price point.

The company will attempt to lure subscribers with a free trial window, a taste that could convince music-focused fans to upgrade.  The on-demand offering will feature millions of tracks, though MOG is still competing with free, ad-supported competitors like MySpace Music.

Still, MOG already courts a crowd of music addicts, many of whom are actively blogging.  All four majors are on board with the launch, according to details re-confirmed by MOG.

Want a better sense of what to expect?  The company is now offering a more detailed video preview at