MySpace + TuneCore: Yes, the Only Pay-to-Play Partner, For Now

There are multiple ways for artists to receive a percentage of advertising from their MySpace Music pages, including a relationship with a label, independent aggregator (The Orchard, IODA, INgrooves), or both.

But for now, TuneCore is the only ‘pay-for-play’ partner for unsigned artists coming ‘off the street,’ so to speak.  “TuneCore is the first pay-to-play, and hopefully we’ll add many others,” a MySpace Music representative confirmed to Digital Music News on Tuesday.

The clarification follows some confusion within the industry following the announcement of the TuneCore partnership, which starts Thursday.  That includes the erroneous conclusion that TuneCore has some sort of exclusive deal with MySpace for unsigned acts, though TuneCore did beat out rivals like ReverbNation and ArtistData.  But for the time being, if an unsigned, unaffiliated artist wants a piece of advertising, then content must be uploaded through a TuneCore relationship.  MySpace is not paying unsigned artists directly.