December, 2009: The Artists Still Holding Out on iTunes

Apple's New Music and TV Apps Leaked in New Screenshots
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Rock Band and reissues aside, the Beatles are notoriously reluctant when it comes to licensing their recorded content.

Saunter onto the iTunes Store, and the biggest band in history leaves the most gaping content hole.

But who else is still holding out?  Mega-bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and Dave Matthews Band licensed a-la-carte downloads years ago.  But a number of huge superstars remain holdouts on the all-important iTunes Store (and AmazonMP3 and other download stores, for that matter).  The list, created with the input of several retail executives, currently includes…

*The Beatles


*Garth Brooks

*Bob Seger


*King Crimson

*Kid Rock (some limited licensing, including album-only Rock N’ Roll Jesus on AmazonMP3)

*Def Leppard (some limited licensing, including Songs from the Sparkle Lounge)