MySpace Music: Imeem Playlist Transfers Still Weeks Away

MySpace Music is actively transferring playlists from Imeem accounts, though a full transition remains weeks away.

An email update sent Tuesday morning outlined the loose timetable.  “The MySpace Music team is working around the clock to duplicate your Imeem playlists and make them available to you on as soon as possible,” a message to former Imeem user accounts stated.  “In the coming weeks, we will be emailing you with instructions on how to claim your playlists on MySpace Music, using your MySpace login.”  MySpace Music has also constructed a limited FAQ page.

MySpace did not mention artist accounts, and remaining balances on Imeem-hosted Snocap accounts are not being paid out.  Now, the question is whether MySpace Music can convert a significant percentage of Imeem users, a group that continues to float adrift during the transfer delay.

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