More Checks In the Mail: SoundExchange Taps Sonicbids On Latest Payouts

SoundExchange Releases 'Music Data Exchange (MDX)' - Here's Everything You Need to Know
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Performance rights group SoundExchange is tapping another partner to research and contact potential payees.

Just ahead of Christmas, SoundExchange reached out to Sonicbids to match and contact more than 10,000 artists eligible for payouts.  That follows recent tie-ups involving iLike (and the broader MySpace Music), as well as ReverbNation.  “Many artists don’t know they are entitled to these royalties, and partnerships like this one help us spread the word,” said Bryan Calhoun, vice president of External Affairs at SoundExchange.

Specifically, SoundExchange oversees the collection and payout of sound recording royalties from online radio, satellite radio, cable television, and other streaming radio providers.  That is a specific charter, though matching songs to the proper rights owners becomes difficult for smaller acts.  That makes Sonicbids – a company focused on matching bands with gigs and promoters – a perfect research partner.

The total amount of unclaimed royalties for the 10,000 artists is $4 million, according to the companies.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.