Latest Echo Nest Investor Group Confirmed

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The Echo Nest recently scored a $1.3 million funding round, largely from a wealthy circle of private backers.

That list, first tipped to Digital Music News on Tuesday, has now been confirmed by the company to include Donald McLagan (formerly of Compete, NewsEdge), Nicholas Negroponte (MIT Media Laboratory, One Laptop per Child), and James Pallotta (Raptor Capital Management).

Additionally, the company confirmed the return of financiers Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Argos Management and angel investor Barry Vercoe (also of MIT Media Lab).  “We’re thrilled to welcome such a world-class group of experienced investors to our team,” stated Echo Nest CEO Jim Lucchese.  “We have been lucky to bring together investors that not only offer financial support, but bring a remarkable depth of expertise in helping us to make online music smarter.”