The Leaks That Sting: An Emotional Timbaland Opens Up

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Like most artists these days, Jay-Z found his latest album strewn across the internet long before its scheduled release.

But instead of suddenly surfacing online, tracks from the album started leaking at different times, and most appeared to be slipping from the Timbaland production camp.

The Blueprint 3 was quite the porous beast.  “[I don’t know] whether Timbaland or his camp got their email jacked… because it was only his songs that leaked first,” Jay-Z said in early September of last year.

Jay-Z seemed diplomatic at the time, though drama may have been simmering.  Just recently, Timbaland addressed the problem and the tension that resulted.  “It bothered me so bad,” an emotional Timbaland told MTV News.  “I went on hiatus for a minute, because I would never disrespect his wishes.”

Timbaland may have found himself unfairly targeted for the leaks, and in fairness, it remains more and more difficult to keep content under wraps.  Even so, the relationship between Timbaland and Jay-Z appeared strained after the slips.  “If people want to play us against each other, I’ll bow out,” the producer continued.  “I take friendship seriously.”