At Last: MySpace Music Migrates Imeem Playlists

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As long promised, MySpace Music has now migrated playlists from the shuttered Imeem site, according to details confirmed Friday afternoon.

“We’re happy to share that we’ve recreated your Imeem playlists on MySpace Music,” an email to ex-Imeem users stated.  At a designated site, abandoned Imeem users are being asked to enter their emails to upload their previous playlists.

The conversion starts at

Now, the question is what percentage of Imeem users MySpace Music can convert.  After the fire-sale in December, MySpace almost instantly weathered a backlash for failing to instantly convert old accounts (among other issues).  Since then, plenty of Imeem users have drifted off, and recreated their music lives elsewhere.

Additionally, MySpace Music is a different and arguably inferior environment for Imeem users, making a mass, voluntary shift a difficult proposition.

Other snags could create problems.  “This process isn’t perfect and while we expect most of your content to have migrated from Imeem to MySpace Music, we appreciate your understanding if any discrepancies between the two music catalogs affected your individual playlists,” the note explained.