‘Tommy Boy’ Silverman Makes a Case Against DIY.

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Can artists truly maximize their careers on their own?

Initially, artists experienced the thrill of total freedom and direct fan connectivity, thanks to a raft of do-it-yourself digital tools.  But the hangover happened quickly; suddenly, artists found themselves spending disproportionate amounts of time online, and not on their instruments, in studios, or within their creative zones.

Can this modern-day ‘one man band’ really make it?  Tom Silverman, founder of Tommy Boy, is pushing the discussion – and a theme of empowerment – through his artist-focused New Music Seminars.  But Silverman is also making the case for labels or other artist partners.

In a recent breakdown, Silverman estimated that 1,500 releases sold more than 10,000 units in 2008.  Of that, just 227 crossed the threshold for the first time.  “We looked at the 227 and identified that only 14 of them were artists doing it on their own and all the rest were on majors and indies; a little more than half were on indies,” Silverman relayed in an interview with Musician Coaching.