Jammie Thomas Penalty Drastically Reduced

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After a protracted battle against the RIAA, file-swapping defendant Jammie Thomas has managed to reduce a colossal, $1.92 million fine.

According to a tip from attorney Ray Beckerman issued shortly before noon PCT on Friday, the fine has now been dropped to just $54,000.

Reviewing the jury verdict in Capitol Records v. Thomas-Rassett, US District Court (District of Minnesota) judge Michael Davis concurred that some penalty should exist. But $2 million for a handful of songs was deemed excessive.

Thomas received the initial fine based on statutes related to copyright infringement, though the defendant also received harsh treatment for lying in court.  In the latest revision, however, the judge characterized the decision as “so grossly excessive as to shock the conscience of the court,” while continuing that “a verdict is not considered excessive unless there is plain injustice or a monstrous or shocking result.”